Some random photos during a walk with my dog


Ethan and I walked around the neighborhood and I decided to bring my phone this time just to take some interesting stuff around. Walking with him after completing his training is now stress-free although I wish I had a longer leash so it would feel like I'm not holding him anymore.

This subdivision I'm currently living in is mostly under construction cos it's quite new and there's still a lot of empty houses around. There's a lot of distraction from construction noise to cars moving and my dog is slowly getting used to it.

The phone that I used is an iPhone 12 Pro with the ProRAW on. It feels good to carry something small but can take decent photos. Of course a DSLR camera would still be the best choice but just too big to carry for the situation. And yeah of course I edited them, but comparing it to my old one (iPhone 6s) this one is much better as it balances the highlights and shadows pretty well (before edit). Also the background blur is so much better.


There are a lot of empty yards and vacant lots so I let my dog poop there. It's fine cos nobody's living there anyway. When he poops on the streets/pathway I just scoop it out and move it to the empty spaces.


I think this one will be the clubhouse? Or some place where swimming pool should be, I'm not sure. But as far as I know this subdivision should have one and I would be so happy if they got a swimming pool atm while I still live here. :P



This is Ethan at the roundabout. If you are in the Philippines, you know the logo of this subdivision hahah. I don't plan on purchasing house here ever though. Expensive + small + substandard lol.


Teaching him the 'stay' command is so useful when taking pics hahaha. And look, his fur is growing fast and well! He has a weirdo color tho (two tones) cos his mom is like a cream color and his dad is dark brownish one. Instead of mixing the colors they're just there simultaneously haha which I don't find in most golden retrievers.



Flower from one of the neighbor's yard. Dunno what kind tho lol but it looks pretty.



And that cat lol. The dog wants to play with literally anything he sees. We don't have squirrels here so cats are his only choice.

Photos taken using my iPhone 12 Pro (ProRAW)

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