photography lovers-The beauty of nature does make us fall in love so we don't want to go to look at it.

hello friends how are you guys tonight I hope you are in good health always,

tonight I will show some photos that I got today, and I will show the #photographylovers community, this is the most special place in our area, namely the construction of the Krueng kereuto reservoir, in the north aceh area, Paya Bakong district, at the time so I went to that place for me to play and also I want to take some good photos, this is the photo I got today, I took a photo of the mountain that has an impact in the reservoir area is the highest mountain, namely Mount Merapi, where it is pure telong, speed wih pesam, the lively mener district is central aceh, so from that I saw the beauty of the mountain,

the location of the Krueng kereuto reservoir in north aceh

thank you I hope you all can enjoy it, greetings from me @herryson

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