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today I want to share with you how I lived a dream of my goat that I thought for a long time this is a new work a new a new wave that I experienced a wave of emotions That made me go on a new untrodden path in my life and he is on film set


The story begins how a friend of mine who is a writer published a book and on this book the publisher want to make a presentation something like before you through which you have to describe the plot of and the content of the book with your friends


I am one of those people who like to accept the first challenge of life. And what fate brings me gladly accept it and gladly fulfill every challenge, although a little worried. I gladly accepted this invitation and gladly participated in this presentation. I play the role of evil because I'm pretty tattooed and with a pretty bad look As far as I understand from the director and maybe they get pretty good in the role haha


In general I do such a thing For the first time but honestly I am a man of art and I like such things so no matter how bad I was and I was ready I was very physical Well I played my role perfectly
honestly everything was decided at the moment and was quite impulsive because I have never dealt with such a thing although I thought so because I am a person who loves all kinds of things and tried I love you try new things


The book that my friend wrote with a lot of love is called obsession it is a combination of good and evil that balances the harmony in the world it shows people how to understand the connection between good and evil between yin and yang between the two forces and how we have to harmonize all this between us people in the world there is a lot of fantasy about what he loves fantasy and a lot of magical plots exactly this is the book for I do not recommend it with three hands


the emotion in front of the lens is quite big given that I have never been in front of a camera and I was quite worried at first honestly you understand the consequence and you have to be natural to be yourself and just walk and dress left and right and do whatever he wants from you but the most important thing is to be nature because when you are natural everything happens whether in front of the lens whether it is in any respect the more natural the more yourself you are the more you will succeed So just be yourself its whatever you do


And you Have you ever done such a thing And would you accept any such challenge I am always ready for new things in my life Because it is kept alive it keeps me somehow this satisfaction spiritual being who are and honestly if I do nothing much in life I can't live it to the fullest I feel as much as possible the more new things I can


Honestly when you relax and forget about worry and because I all saw that you just stay in your own and your environment of comfort and just yourself depends again is What is required of you to do my role was to go look around just to be myself just to be the simple girl I am because I always love tive and simple things something that is a little concrete But at the same time can conquer even with a small point


the more new things I try to do in my life the more I realize that a person diversifies his mind the more he diversifies his life the more new things he learns the more he meets new people the more new religions he learns new sciences and whatever you want to call it the more I swim afternoon warren feels from life The more alive the more desire there is for life the more And grows up is the more falls in love with himself in life and in everything around him that exists because everything is love


here in this frame I was allowed to be myself and smile because I am a super friendly and smiling person I am happy always whatever I am with a smile on my face and honestly here again I can emphasize that tattoos and looks do not are a factor as I here plays the role of evil as I am the whole tattoo I can look bad So I am both extremes but still when the heart is big do not look at the appearance Please Because in most cases most people who are tattooed and who look like me they fix the world they make the world better they take care of your people you take care of the animals for the universe and everything around you and those who are the exemplary species at the same time do nothing about it This is another topic but I just wanted let me tell you they are not a child in appearance because he is not a factor


I honestly I'm not I'm not used to being photographed through a lens and maybe you don't know how to stand and what face to do everything was arbitrary and maybe they didn't get much but I'm happy with what I did for myself and my girlfriend


to be natural and at the same time to know that they shoot 15 cameras is a bit difficult but still It turns out the more different you are to the cameras the better haha


Well, to be honest, I really liked it, no matter how hard it was for me to get into a role, and I would try again. Would you like to try something like that? anything related to creative art


is Thank you for your attention I wish you many shots and happy smiles natural behavior and happy days
Greetings Janisa

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