Lockdown Chronicles - Empty streets of Curacao

Empty streets of Curacao….

It’s been about a year (for most of us) since our first lockdown. Looking back at the weird year 2020 was, I still remember being forced to stay inside for weeks on end....


Ironically, we’re in the same situation right now (on Curacao) and I type this with a small afro and semi beard growing hahaha I haven’t had a haircut for a while. 😂😂😂
See! That joke kinda saved the tone of this intro cause it was heading to yet another somber lockdown story…. And that is not the plan here!
During my ‘inside time’ I decided to make the best of it, I got creative and edited a lot of my previous shots. I also tried new things, kinda like what I’m doing these days: /@gvkanten/the-eco-system-in-my-backyard

But back in April 2020 I released a series I dubbed “lockdown Chronicles” where I showed the neighborhood in this…..eerie yet peaceful state. It was weird to say the least!
Normally busy streets were almost dead zones….
On the other hand, the drone gave me a tool to just find out what was going on. Being confined to your house for longer periods of time and only being able to look down your street doesn’t give you the full sense of what was happening. I mean, was the army out there? Was there a zombie attack? Did the zoo animals breakout?!?! I had questions!!!
Luckily none of that was the case but you get what I’m saying.
Also, and yes this is going to sound weird, the drone flying gave me a sense of freedom at some point. I’m not going to go full “zen” here and say I felt like I was a bird, but yesssss I felt like I was flying and seeing all this stuff.

The photos and video (still uploading) below show a few miles in each direction of my neighborhood.







And now the FULL video

As always, feel free to let me know what you think! I would love to see what you created during any of the lockdown periods you experienced, feel free to drop links in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed it.
Stay Safe


P.s. This is post 21/30 of the #HiveBloPoMo challenge, check it out so you can join next time!

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