Gljufrabui Waterfall

Yesterday I did a post about the waterfall in Iceland, here is another today. It's quite a special one you don't see everywhere. The name is Gljufrabui and it is located in southern Iceland. It's a special one because you can't see the entire waterfall unless you go inside the cave from a narrow opening.


Of course, we went inside to see this piece of a natural wonder.

Once you are inside, prepare to get wet. The wind produced by the waterfall and flying water get you soaked really quickly.

Sorry for the bad pictures. I tried to dry the lens but after a couple of seconds it was dripping wet and I was having a really hard time getting pictures in focus. I managed to do that but the wet lens still made my photos a bit blurry.

Me posing...


It is a surreal sight to see it close-up. It is much higher than it appears in the photo.


The cave opening.


This waterfall is often overlooked because there is another insanely beautiful waterfall( Seljalandsfoss) just next to this and many don't know the existence of this one ( Like me when I was in Iceland 3 years ago.

Tomorrow you will be seeing some really nice pictures of the Seljalandsfoss.


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