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The Days Of My Tourism

Salam Everyone...!!

Hope you All Fine

I haven't had a steemit active for a long time and after a long time I came back today to broadcast my article on steemit I will tell you where I was for so many days.
In fact, I love to travel and see new, new places۔
And that's why I gave up all my work and didn't even give time to my mobile and I was busy with my tourism. Every one of us wants to go for tourism and see new places but only one wishes come true.
And it could be that some people don't have time and some people are busy with their business and most of them don't have enough money to go for tourism.

And next I am going to share with you some pictures of where I went on my tour and what places I saw.

I mostly choose places where there are as many trees and plants as possible, And let there be greenery and greenery everywhere.

These pictures may be too much but you will enjoy watching them

I have also photographed some of the buildings so that you can guess where I have gone.









There are many more similar pictures that I have taken with my camera and saved in my mobile.

I hope you like my post, And you will pay a good price for my hard work



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