What is real beauty?

Hello everyone, friends, beauty is a blessing from Allah that attracts everyone's heart

The assessment of beauty is a different idea of ​​a person. In this era, beauty is called a part of a person's body, such as someone's lips, or hair, etc. But we do not consider the real beauty. Have you ever smelled a flower carefully? If you see or stop the flowing river, you will understand what is the beauty of it. So I tell a story of mine to understand what is the beauty of it. It was summer season in our village when we went to visit some friends. While passing through the fields, a man was sitting on a mud mound looking at the mountain, lost in thought.

He was a tourist and he belonged to France. We went near him and after asking about the situation I asked why are you so surprised. He says seeing the mountains.
All of us friends laughed and I asked him, man, we are tired of sitting on these places, that everywhere there are mountains, what do you see in this mountain, .

what does he say is beauty and peace?
So I jokingly said buty is a girlfriend and a friend. , what do he say, it is artificial beauty and this mountain and green greenery is natural. I also understood that yes it is so.
And in my view, good morals, which has good morals in it, is something that can create love in everyone's heart. And the pictures I am posting are natural beauty with flowers, clouds and educational institutions.

Educational institutions are also an example of beauty from which future stars are made. In educational institutions, discipline and morals are taught. Along with this, sightseeing is also beauty, which calms a person's mind and relieves depression.
Being in front of the water is refreshing. In these pictures you will see both artificial beauty and natural beauty. Thank you very much.

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