We don't succeed because of what people will say.

Hello to all 👋. Guys, have you given yourself time. Writing a good article with good images working on such a good platform is a must for everyone to benefit from. I have tried to convey a good article to you, God willing, you will like it and you will also benefit from it.

What will people say about this one sentence and what is its purpose? It's a phrase that rubbed off on him badly, the need to move on, the dedication to go through something, the ability to believe in every other person's disease. ? And so every individual dwells in it, every individual has been a victim of this phrase.If I mention my story here, I will say that I can learn from the child of my life that there is a trap in my life that I am trying to do something and that trap. And be strong. When I was determined to move forward, I was always criticized and told that my parents had provoked me. People who do this work will now move forward when they stop taking steps that people will get out of it? I have read and people think nothing I have read this only in books and people do nothing but criticize, they are always ready to block the way. Yes, but Allah gave me such a friend, his name is Andrea Gabrieli, he is the only one who encouraged me. and kept saying that you can do it. Beyond that, I stopped taking people's words to heart and listening to criticism. Our brains will be under the influence of that phrase when we leave negative thinking behind and adopt positive thinking. In today's advanced age, there will be a solution that we should do what our hearts, minds, and thoughts are satisfied with. This is the work of people, even if you do good work, they will talk, do bad work and still criticize.Because the world is not happy in any situation, people are not happy by themselves, what will people say, the purpose of our life is left behind. As long as we care about people, we will never be able to do anything. The day we stop thinking about what people will say, that day all our bad deeds will start to happen. Otherwise, what will people say? Our generations have been destroyed by this one sentence, God save our generations from destruction and eliminate this sentence from our lives, then see how your life will be successful in its goals.

Every human being has emotions and feelings. Emotions and feelings do not see gender, but people do. People also put emotions in the dock. Emotions and feelings .They do not differentiate between men and women, meaning both men and women are living human beings, therefore they have feelings and emotions. Take a 6th or 7th class child, if a girl in the class cries or sheds tears, she can cry, but a boy can't cry, if a boy starts crying, it is said, are you crying like girls, be a man, be a man. It is true that Allah Ta'ala has made man stronger than woman, but it does not mean that man does not have feelings, he also has a heart, and he can cry if he is hurt.Once upon a time a man had a donkey. He was taking her to another town for sale along with his son. They were both walking with a donkey. Women were filling water at a well. Seeing the father and son walking with the donkey, they started laughing and talking to each other about how stupid they both are that they are riding and walking. When the father heard this, he said to his son, "Sit on the donkey, I am walking" and the son got on the donkey.

They must have gone a little far when they found some intellectuals. What a time has come when the young son is riding and the father is walking. When the son heard this, he dismounted and insisted on riding his father And went away. They had only gone a short distance when they found a group of boys, one of them said, Look! This old man is so hard-hearted, he is sitting on a ride and driving his son on foot. When he heard this, the father took his son to sit with him. They must have gone on for a while. They found some men. ! Is this donkey yours? We can't believe that you are both riding on such a weak animal. When the father and son heard this, they lifted the donkey on their heads and started walking. Fools are walking on their own with a donkey sitting on their head. The conclusion of this story is that do not take people's words to heart.

Similarly, if a child does not perform well in class, in results, he is taunted as unfit.Face the world, this world, this society belongs to you, life is yours, so the decision should be yours. But this does not mean that you should completely ignore the society, rather, you should follow the rules of the society and decorate your life, make it and organize it. Everything has a purpose nothing is purposeless so society is also made keeping in mind the basic needs. Set a goal in your life to do what you want to do that brings you joy and satisfaction.This problem can be solved if every human being plays his role individually. You should always initiate yourself, so initiate yourself, don't talk to anyone and don't let anyone talk to you. Positive thinking leads to positive action. So think positive and make life easier for yourself and others. Lest you become so serious that you don't enjoy life. Life is given once, so enjoy life. And always remember to work without fear of the world, don't think about what people will say watchers make noise not the players 💪. Thank you.

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