"The Kitchen" - Playing With Point of Focus and Natural Light

Our kitchen has a perfect natural light at certain times of the day. I have never really experimented with external lighting, my favorite "lighting" has always been natural lighting. Today my camera was close by while I was cooking and the light fell perfectly on the food. I took some images and played with the point of focus to create certain types of "feelings". The feeling I tried to convey with the photographs was a lonely and almost "depressed" and sad feeling. Also, an isolated and solitary feeling. Please enjoy these photographs. And most of all, stay close to those who are friends and family. Life should not be lived alone and solitary.


Titled: "Alone"


Titled: "Broken"


Titled: "Together Alone 1"


Titled: "Together Alone 2"


Titled: "Together Alone 3"


Titled: "Shadows 1"


Titled: "Shadows 2"


Titled: "Cut 1"


Titled: "Cut 2"


Titled: "Cut 3"


Titled: "Cut 4"

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