From Leaves To Buds And Drawing Pins

Autumn was a wonderful season for me, with all the colorful leaves that nature was giving up. I've been hunting for nice scenes all season, taking photos and printing the scenes in my memory to be able to remember them during winter.

From Leaves To Buds And Drawing Pins.jpg

Once the leaves were done, I had no reason to look for them as most of it was on the ground, decomposing, preparing to enrich the soil for next year. That is the cycle that goes on every year.


However, there are leaves that are still resisting the cold and humidity. I was able to find some leaves, that looked interesting to me.


Now that the whole leaf has this wonderful brown color, you can see the veins and those darker spots that I suppose are signs of aging. The next step is going grey and breaking into millions of pieces, falling down on the ground.


Looks like not every tree is sensible to change of temperatures as some have already started to grow buds. I'm not sure this is normal though. There were warmer periods lately, followed by a few days of cold and it's not over yet.


This was a nice find, even though I don't even know how to call it. Must go with fungi as I don't know any other name for it, but after a google search I think it's amadou.


My plan is to go back in a few months to see if it is still there. I suppose this is not one year's work and if I'm right, then it's going to be there.


And this is what I was talking about in one of my recent posts. A drawing pin in the bark of the tree. Must be there for quite some time as it's already rusty. People think using trees as billboards is ok.


This is another one, also must be there for a long time as it's already rusty. Moss will probably cover it soon, although I'm not sure. I was thinking to put a proper tool in my bag and use it when I see another one, but I'm afraid I can get into trouble for hurting trees, even though I'm not the one harming them. We are living in a crazy world! People need to learn respect!


After all the grey I was really surprised to see these little red berries, however, these may not be berries,



What can I tell you about this, other than it's brownish and dry. Also have no idea what it is, but it was a good occasion to practice macro photography.


At least the nettle looks green and healthy.


Last but not least, raindrops on the top of a car. I wanted to do more photos but with cars it's always tricky as those are private property and you never know when someone is going to ask you what you are doing.


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