rust on the rocks 1

Sunshine in November is a rarity here so when we get some there is no time to waste. so i was out walking along a section of the coast called Hummerbakken when i came to this small rocky beach with an old rusted cart in the middle of it

in front of the cart was an equally old rusted gas bottle. there was no road to the place and no sign of there ever having been one. the only access is a narrow winding path. nor was there any obvious landing place from the sea so the cart and bottle were a bit of an enigma. presumably some work was done here years ago making a dock or fixing a boat or something. when the work was finished they just left the stuff but whatever they did is now gone.

but clearly they have been here and ever since nature has been slowly reclaiming the material. so i was in luck finding this on such a bright day. the sharp low sun was both a blessing...

and a challenge giving very high contrast but also great side lighting

i stood the bottle up to get some proper shots and also to get a better look at the front of the cart

in between the bottle and the cart was a lovely sea-bleached plant that had gone to seed.

the combination of the rust, the rocks, the plant and the weathered wood was irresistible

so i took shots from many angles and edited them with various settings

there were very many nice shots so i divided the post in two parts. the second part features the cart and the wheels

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