Finally in the summit

Today was an exhausting day. My family decided to hike to the Puig Cerveris, a hike you can start from Pardines, a Pyrenees village.

The start was quite rough, but as we kept walking it got much easier for me and after some hours we finally got to the summit. I have to say that overall it was pretty hard, but the views were totally worth it.

I’m someone who is quite elastic so I often sprain my ankle, luckily I never get really hurt. Today going up I sprained my ankle 3 times 😅. But as always it was nothing serious. Later going down I sprained my ankle once more and that’s when I realized I actually hurt myself. (Btw this was at the start of the decent, so I was pretty worried)

In the end my ankle wasn’t that bad, but when the afternoon couldn’t get worse it started pouring. We ran for about an hour until we finally got to a cafe in Pardines.

It was a 12 km exhausting hike, which I would repeat, but hopefully without a sprained ankle and with better weather.

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