The beauty of some flowers

There is really not much to say in this post, except that I love flowers! There are so many colors, shapes and varieties. Many bloom in spring, although others seem to be perennial and remain all year round, appearing before us with their splendor and magnificence.

In addition to making us happy and giving us good vibes with their colors, they make us smile when we see them, and make us feel giddy with their intense aroma. Speaking of scent... hyacinths, those small, long-stemmed, leafy flowers in lovely colors like this one: a fantastic delicate bluish-purple.

Every time I get closer I take a deep breath, it's as if I had put on a perfume, a perfume that nature gives us. And it aromatizes everything around me, I look at it from afar, and I can continue to feel it, I could get there with my eyes closed, just with the sense of smell. What a sensory wonder.

And now is the time, they are at their best, in which proud and radiant they remind us that beauty exists, that great efforts are not necessary, that in the simplicity of nature lies the charm of the purest prettiness.

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