Rural architecture from the remote island of Ilha da Flores, Azores (Portugal)


These photos of houses, doors and windows are from Ilha da Flores, one of the nine Azorean islands. When I was visiting the islands, Flores was perhaps the island that made the biggest impression. It's the most western point of Europe. This small island feels remote, but wild and green with beautiful countryside. Our plan was to hike some of the marked trails. Because there was a lot of rain and fog in the mountains we had to stay at lower points the first couple of days. This meant we had to walk close to the coast. It gave us a chance to walk through small villages where we made stops to admire the architecture.

Fãja Grande is one of the small towns on the west coast. That's where we stayed. Then we did hikes north to the north, to the small village of Porta da Fãja. The road ends here and if we had wanted to continue to the northern tip of the island, we would have to walk the 10/11 kilometers to get there.

Some of the photos were taken in two small villages, also situated on the west coast, but south of Fãja Grande. One of those days with no rain we did a hike from Lajedo back to Fãja Grande. This is a 13 kilometer hike. On the way we passed the village of Fajãzinha.

Many of the houses looked dilapidated and you get the feeling as if time had stood still here. I also read somewhere that running water and electricity came to the islands as late as the 60s/70s.

All these small villages looked so empty. We hardly met people. The island measures some 6,5 kilometers x 12,5 and have around 4000 inhabitants. We also think that many of them might work in the main city Santa Cruz. That's where the airport is. The harbour with ships coming in from the other islands and a lot more shops than what we found in the villages.

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Kristiansand, Norway

All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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