Weekly Grow Log


Photo by me

They are doing awesome


Last week I announced that I was going to be taking a break from the platform and focusing on things, but one of the things that I wanted to keep up was keeping track of my grow. So I think I am going to make a weekly post about the progress my plants have been making. One of the great things about Hive is the fact that nothing can be censored, so this is the best place for me to log everything about my cannabis growing.


Photo by me

My two northern lights have been flowering for a couple weeks, and the first one that started flowering is probably in the last couple weeks of its grow before I can harvest it.


Photo by me

I have been keeping a strict feeding schedule, which has really helped them to bud up nicely. Once I started feeding them nutrients consistently, I noticed a huge difference in bud growth. This may have also just been the fact that the plants are progressing more through the flowering stage as well.


Photo by me

It has only been the past couple weeks that I have been adding the Fox Farm supplements, but my critical purple plant has been getting these nutrients since it sprouted, so I wonder if this will help it to be bigger than the two northern lights plants.


Photo by me

It is only about 12 days old and already has a nice spread and strong stem. One of the things I am a bit concerned about with this one is that it may stretch to get closer to the light since I have to have the light up a lot higher now that the other plants are larger. If it begins to stretch, I may end up getting another tent and light so that I can keep it from stretching too much, making it have a weak stalk.


Photo by me

The buds on the northern lights are filling in nicely and every part of it is beginning to become covered in trichomes. I have been watching my humidity level pretty closely so that it stays around 50% or so in the tent. I also have a fan blowing across the plants to help eliminate the chances of mold in the buds.


Photo by me

This is a crucial time to make sure that everything is as close to perfect as possible because I would hate for something to happen in the last few weeks that would ruin all of my progress over the past months. It has been a massive learning experience and once we get moved to our new home, I am going to be increasing the size of my indoor grow and hopefully have around 10 plants or more growing at once.


Photo by me

My younger northern lights plant has a lot more hairs than the first one. I am wondering if it is because it got the Fox Farm nutrients since a few days prior to starting the flowering phase.


Photo by me

One thing I am going to do differently with my next grows is to not stress the plants out as much by trimming so many of the fan leaves off. I have read in several different places that autoflowers are very sensitive to stress and excessive trimming will stunt its growth. Overall, my plants are very healthy though, but I think the trimming may cut into the final yeild.


Photo by me

Hopefully by next week, the buds are quite a bit larger and I will be able to share some of those photos with you all. Thank you for taking the time to stop and check out my weekly grow log. You are awesome.

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