Getting thick


Photo by me

This plant is gonna be so awesome


I still have a few weeks of flowering for this girl and she is starting to get some nice and fat buds. I have been hoping that this one will fatten up soon and it is finally starting.


Photo by me

I can't wait to see how awesome this plant is going to look in a couple weeks when it is ready to harvest. It has been super frosty for a couple weeks now and I am hoping that it will continue to fill up with trichomes.


Photo by me

I spent about an hour with some tweezers before I took these photos looking for pet hairs and pulling them out. This plant is so sticky and seems to attract hairs and fuzz. That is a bad thing about having 4 cats and two dogs. They know they aren't allowed in my grow room, but hairs get all over my shirt and seemed to be attracted to the plants. I have been trying to get as much of the hair off each time I go into the room as possible so I don't have to keep pulling hairs off the plants.


Photo by me

I had to add a support for this one cause the buds are starting to weigh down the plant. Over the next few weeks, I will probably need to add some strings to hold the branches up because I think these are gonna be pretty fat. I can't wait to see how they grow.