Dusty goes bug hunting


So many flies this time of year


September and October are horrible here for flies. We haven't had a problem with flies all summer and now that things are cooling off, they seem to be everywhere.


Dusty loves it though. Whenever a fly gets in the house, him and the other cats spend all day trying to catch it until one of them does. So when he got to go outside and see a ton of flies, he was in heaven.


I let him run around in the yard chasing them until he jumped right into a fresh dog turd that was covered in flies. After he did that, I figured he had been playing outside long enough.


Then I went and checked on my mums because they are budding and getting ready to bloom. When I looked closely I noticed that they are infested with bugs.


I am going to mix up a bottle of my Dr Enzymes bug spray that I use on my cannabis and give these plants a nice spraying tonight once the sun goes down. Hopefully that helps to get these little bugs under control. I am looking forward to seeing how these bloom this year. I may end up picking up some more mums to plant in the back. These things have gotten pretty big over the past year and I wonder how large they are going to get.

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