Insects show calm behavior in cloudy weather

the sky has changed from bright to dark due to thick fog covering most of the lowlands in our city, this is a cool and peaceful phenomenon, we have not felt weather like this for a long time, drizzling rain has come to greet and touch some of our hair and skin oh my god it was very beautiful, it felt cool to the bones, the green leaves looked like they were smiling happily because they had been greeted by fine grains that came down from heaven.

I know, I know, everything is calm in weather like today, humans are looking for shelter so they don't get wet by the soft raindrops while the beetles are silent in the leaves as if they don't care about the surrounding environment, I see these beetles really express themselves calm and not disturbed by my arrival, it's true he doesn't care about me, I just approached to take a beautiful picture and I have absolutely no intention of disturbing him, I let the beetle stay as it wishes, I don't dare disturb the beetle's sense of security in such bad weather has been waiting for a long time by all creatures on the surface of the earth, I don't know what a good sentence would be to describe the expressions of creatures in today's cool weather, but the beetle seems to represent our feelings, look at the calmness of the beetle remaining silent and that's how we feel today .


Camera usedSmartphone
TypeRealme 5i


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