Civil War Graveyard Hidden in State Forest

Anyone Up for an Adventure

There is this forest here called Indian Lake. It has a nature trail, camp grounds, and recreation area. If you walk slightly off the beaten path thru the woods you'll find this really neat hidden gem!

These belong to the Forbes family! Apparently ancestors to the famous fortune 500 Forbes

This is pieces from a turtle shell found at grave sites. A turtle den was not far away

DSC_0337_1 1.jpg
Here is a view of the graveyard from one angle. I had taken this photo and animated it into a gif (not displayed here)

Well someone was obviously here recently and brought some pumpkins over. Which is rather spectacular because this is about a 10 minute walk to find this!

Now this bone was actually found on a grave site. Human that washed up with flooding rains? Animal? Who knows?

All photos are taken by me on my Nikon D3400 edited in LR with custom presets

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