Getting back to "normal" after a snowy debacle

Getting back to "normal" after a snowy debacle

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As many of you know, I live in North Texas, and we recently received record-breaking low temperatures along with some persistent freezing precipitation that lingered for much longer than we are used to which led to pretty catastrophic failure of the power grid resulting in intermittent outages.

Anyway, even three days mostly without power was enough to jar me out of my "normal" routine and it's been a bit odd attempting to get back into the rhythm of my largely digitized life.

The fact is — the way that I tend to interface with technology often makes me feel I'm in a rather precarious state of semi-balance as I am being pulled in a thousand different directions simultaneously. When that pseudobalance is interrupted, it gives me pause to re-examine my choices related to my use of the technological resources at my disposal.

Poetry, art, video, music, foreign language studies, crypto, business, geopolitical news, countless subcultures of individuals across the globe congregating in commiseration around widely divergent interests... it can be a lot to take in — and ideally, integrate into a unified approach that makes some sort of cohesive sense.

For the last five years — really, since I returned from my India adventure in early 2016, most of my social interaction has been done digitally, while locally, I remain something of a hermit, working from my residence. Now that is a bit odd, since I really enjoy socializing with people "in the flesh," yet when you factor in how much easier it often is to connect with people that have similar interests online rather than trying to find them "in real life," it does make a lot of sense.

It's clear to me that many of my short- to mid-term life goals are well, less than clear. Publishing my first book of poetry is high on the list, yet there's so many pieces to comb through to select... finishing a major musical release is also high-priority, yet I've found that I experience the most fulfillment with music when working collaboratively, and my main collaborator is extremely busy, at least until summer of this year, so that's on the back burner for the moment.

Business-wise, I'm in the beginning stages of an advertising/marketing endeavor, which is quite promising and will likely start to ramp up into the spring. With crypto, I'm a bit unsure as we are starting to see some pretty hefty euphoria in the space again... it would make me feel more confident if we saw a few months of sideways trading, some "consolidation" of the crazy gains occurring recently.

With foreign language, I'm rather unfocused/uncommitted but have most recently dabbled in learning Tagalog (really Filipino, though the terms are confusingly used interchangeably by many) as I met a lot of fellow content creators from the Philippines on YT back in the fall of 2020. I would very much like to travel again and stay in another country for a decent length of time to learn in full immersion mode as that kind of cultural and linguistic overwhelm provides me the most motivation to really, truly delve into language study in a devoted way.

In any case, I love having HIVE as an outlet for my creativity even though the user base is still small and we are in many ways a niche community. Blogging has become a form of "abstract journaling" for me in recent years and writing always aids me in having a better idea on where I'm currently at with everything. So one thing is for sure, as I'm getting back to "normal" after Texas' recent snow debacle...

I'll be around these parts, staying active and documenting my creative journey, and connecting with all of you lovely Hivers along the way.

Peace out... stay well.


writing and photos by @d-pend
created for HIVE on Feb. 23, 2021.