Moon Monday

Hi fellow Photographers,

Last week I got some, what I think are, cool shots of the moon when we were shoveling out the car!


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One of the cool things about the lake house we spend a lot of time at is it's right on the water. This gives you a really open and large view of the sky, something you don't get a whole lot otherwise!

When we were digging out the car and spending some time just relaxing, time flew by and before we knew it, the moon was creeping out! I was glad because it was pretty full. I didn't have my nice DSLR camera but I did have my trusty fondle-slab (smartphone lol) at the ready to take a few snaps!


To make it fun and to see who actually reads the content, I will give some free Hive to the first person to find the moon in this shot! :D This one was tricky! I am digging the black and white of it though!


The colors of the sky were really interesting! I did touch them up a little bit in Light room to get the effect but this was incredibly close to the actual color of the sky. It was such a cool, deep blue!


My first Moon Monday post, thanks to Traci for the inspiration. I should be getting some more full moon pics or even some waning moon pics in the coming weeks!

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