Monochrome Monday: Buttons Galore

Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I'm back with another Submarine Monochrome set!

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Monochrome Monday: Buttons Galore

I've been slacking off on getting the other Submarine photos finally up on a post but I needed to get something out there. I've got some extra time alone right now this week, and so I decided to get to some serious writing!

The Submarine we went to was something that the little man loved all the little do-dads and do-hickey's all over the place. He's just like me lol loves a good button to press or a toggle to flip!

IMG_0990 edit.JPG

I'm still amazed at the number of buttons and switches and shit all over the submarine has! I know that we've come a long way technologically but damn it's incredible to think of this shit! The time that existed before computers like we know today and they were able to design and figure these things out amazes me. I think we definitely take advantage of this stuff nowadays!

IMG_1001 edit.JPG

There are a lot of different gauges and things throughout the area and I'd love to be able to go back here and take a closer look at these things. I know that I'll have to take the little man by myself because my wife won't be interested in the confined spaces that were in the sub lol she lasted 10 minutes and wanted out, whereas the little man and I were in there for 30 and we got kicked out because it was closing!

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