Norwich Castle Photography

Good Evening

Despite it still, just about being winter It was A warm sunny day here in the UK today and with that, I decided to go to the city centre

Norwich Castle: Is A medieval royal fortification in the city of Norwich, in the English county of Norfolk. It was founded in the aftermath of the Norman conquest

DSC00787 2.JPG

Here is A photo I captured today it is actually from very far away and slightly zoomed-in the castle sits on top of A nice rounded hill keeping it above the rest of the city landscape.

DSC00800 2.JPG

Here is another shot this time really close to the castle they seem to be doing some construction to it so I couldn't actually walk up there, unfortunately, The castle is historic however someone decided hey let's put A shiny glass futuristic elevator next to it so people don't have to use stairs and well The elevator may have been A good idea but glass and see-through I don't know the elevator is the green thing on the right.

DSC00786 2.JPG

here is another shot this time zoomed out and you can see the market as well as some buildings before eventually seeing the castle right at the back there.

This concludes my short post today thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the content.