Wind Energy and other benefits

Wind energy is not new, it is one of the oldest forms of energy.

My entry to #pobphotocontest organized by @friendlymoose

Wind as a driving force has been used since ancient times. Wind energy has been used in ships through the use of sails.

But it has also been used on land to move the blades of mills to obtain mechanical energy to grind cereals to obtain flour.

At present, wind energy is gaining ground as a form of clean energy that generates almost no waste. For example, in Spain it is easy to find wind farms of varying sizes in high and exposed areas, where the wind traditionally blows more.

For example, near my mother's house there is a small mountain about 400 meters high with 3 windmills on top.

It is a place I like to visit to walk through nature taking pictures of the bushes and shrubs.

To get to these mills you have to climb a steep slope.

But the prize of reaching the strong sound of its blades is an immaterial good that for me is very precious.

To be able to contemplate the green of my beloved Asturias finishing in the cliffs against the intense blue of the Cantabrian Sea if I look from the wind field to the north.

If it were not for this wind farm, it is likely that access to the summit of this mountain would not be possible and I would not have the gift of its wonderful views.

Best regards.

All photographies taken with my Sony Alpha 6000L and iPhone SE.

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