Sun Again - Sun Thursday Contest Edition 9

Time flies, doesn't it? I don't even know when the two weeks that separate the editions of this contest have passed. This is not necessarily a photography contest, it is a contest that celebrates the sun. I think the initiator and host of the contest, our friend @uwelang intended to remind us to look at the sky and the most spectacular object that can be above our heads, the sun. One of the pillars of the existence of life on earth.

I declare now that all the photos from the previous editions of the contest in which I participated were taken long before and I chose them from the archive.

For this edition I wanted to try something else, namely, to go hunting for images with the sun to use in the contest. Fresh photos!

Well, after half a Sunday running after the sun, I didn't manage to take some photos that would satisfy me and that would, in my opinion, have a chance to be good for the contest. That's why I have to go back to the archive, where I looked for ... a sunrise or sunset. These are the most spectacular images of the sun in photos, the most appreciated by viewers.

Back to the archive, here's what I chose for the 9th edition of the Sun Thursday Contest.




When I lived in Iasi, Romania, also in 2019, I had the opportunity to live on the tenth floor of a building with good visibility to the east. I took many hundreds of photos of the sunrise. I chose the above for the contest.

Running after the sun through the garden of Mogosoaia Palace near Bucharest.

The desire to post very fresh photos in this contest made me combine the useful with the pleasant, that is, to look for the best images for a walk through a very large and beautiful garden, the garden of a palace. Mogosoaia Palace near Bucharest, Romania was built in the 1600s by a Romanian leader named Constantin Brancoveanu. An important leader for the country, a leader who supported the arts and constructions.

The palace and its gardens have been inaccessible and forbidden to ordinary people for centuries, but history has decided that this must change. Nowadays, this palace and the surrounding gardens are a museum and a park where access is free for everyone.


So this contest had a beneficial effect for me and my family, it generated a very pleasant walk. I was looking up at an angle and a position from which to take pictures of the sun. Very hard, I am an amateur and I did not try to find out how to take a photo directly to the sun. So the result was not great, that's why I didn't use any of them for the contest.




It was a beautiful autumn Sunday. Clear skies, bright sun and a pleasant temperature. The walk was wonderful, Sunday was wonderful.






The walk was wonderful, Sunday was wonderful. In fact, Sunday was sublime. Such are all the days when I'm with my family and especially with my granddaughter who has just turned one year old.


The most colorful season, autumn. A perfect season to capture the most beautiful views.

IMG_20201023_133028 1.png

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