Sublime Sunday With Lotuses

At the border between July and August, I know that I can find my favorite flowers and that I have been waiting for a few months. I don't wait for them to come to me, I go to them but I wait for them to bloom.

Egyptian lotuses that bloom elsewhere than in Egypt, in my city, at one end of Europe. For a long time, I thought that this was an exception and that these wonderful flowers chose my city for I don't know what fantastic reasons. I liked to believe that, but eventually, I found out that these flowers grow in America and other parts of the world.

Not too happy that I have to share the glory with others, always at the border between July and August I go to the Circus Park in Bucharest to admire the lotuses.


I have written many times about this park where lotuses grow. I wrote and showed what these flowers are like in winter, spring and autumn, but especially in summer, when they bloom and are full of beauty. It may seem like I'm repeating myself, seen from the outside, but for me, it's always something new, it's never the same. For me, it is always a delight to be on the shore of the lake and watch the lotuses. I will never get bored ... and I have no other opportunity to admire these flowers. Because the closest place where I could see these flowers, in Romania, is at a distance of 600 km from where I live.

For those who enter this park for the first time, it is difficult to anticipate the beauty that exists not far away, in front of them. They see only a small round pond covered with something green.


Only the proximity to the pond completely changes the perspective and the view.


It becomes clear that the green that covers the water in the pond is the round lotus leaves.


Pink lotus flowers can be seen and admired nearby. The first flowers to appear. Quite late, to my knowledge. Now the whole pond should have blossomed. I don't know the cause of the delay, I think that in June it rained a lot, all month, maybe this had an influence on the development of the plants.

The possibility to see some flowers delights me and makes me look for the best places to be photographed. I hope I found them!






We must also take a closer look, this wonderful flower sometimes hides and I have to look for it in its image reflected by the water.





It was very difficult for me to break up with this beauty. A small point of beauty and color in the middle of a crowded and heated city.





The amazing nature shows its strength even in theoretically unfriendly environments, such as a big city, full of concrete and asphalt and full of people and cars. Of course, there is also care from the administration and it is very good that this is happening.

After I pass the park entrance, everything changes, I step into a fairytale world (if I don't meet too many people). It's a blessing for our city!


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