Finally, I see the horizon!

Some of us live in the city, others in the country. Advantages and disadvantages for each of us.

I don't want to make a list of this now, each of us can express his opinion. I just want to say one of my upsets because I live in a big city.

The fact that I can't look away, I can't look away from my street, I can't look away from the house on my right, I can't look away from the house on my left!

What I really like when I go on vacation at the sea is that I can see the horizon in the distance, on the sea, towards the place where the sky and the water join in an imperceptible line.

What I like when I go to the mountains, I can see far, far away, I can see the sun rising or the sunset.

At my house, the sun rises after a neighbor's house and sets after another neighbor's house.

Because of this, the request of a friend who lives in the country, in a small village near my city, to take him to the airport very early in the morning, made me hope that I would see a sunrise too!

Well, sometimes hope turns into reality. I was so lucky, before entering the village I saw the sun appearing on the horizon. I couldn't miss this chance and, although I was late, I stopped the car and took some photos.

Photos that I can't stop not showing to you too!




I tried to get a little closer but I didn't make much of a difference. Time does not allow me to look for other angles, nor do I think I would have found them, so that's all I could do.



This is what a sunrise looks like far from the sea, far from the beach, far from the mountains, far ...

For #sunthursday by @uwelang


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