A Child Among the Secular Trees

A walk through the park and garden that belongs to the Mogosoaia Palace, near Bucharest, made little Ilinca, who is not yet two years old, see for the first time in her life some secular trees.

Another proof that the new generations are much faster than the old generations, like mine. I saw this park for the first time after I turned fifty. Well, that was a forced digression, the causes of this difference having nothing to do with the fact that the new generations of children are getting smarter.

Mogosoaia Palace is one of the most beautiful buildings in Romania. It is located 15 km from the center of Bucharest. It was built during the reign of Constantin Brancoveanu, it was his residence. The history of this construction and this field was troubled, it finally came into the possession of the Romanian state and is now a museum and open to the public.


Beyond the beauty of the buildings is the beauty of the garden, now a huge park. We live only about 4 km away from the Palace and this makes its garden one of our favorite parks. This is an atypical park, developed on the shores of a large lake. In Bucharest, all the parks that have a lake have this lake in the middle.


This time I came to the park to admire the trees and in an attempt to draw Ilinca's attention, my granddaughter, on their greatness. Some trees in this garden are of venerable age, several hundred years old.



Little Ilinca seemed to be interested in the stories her father and grandmother told about trees but I don't think she understood much. Anyway, she wanted to hug a tree, of course, that couldn't happen because of the size of the tree.


In order to appreciate the size of the trees, I took some photos of my son (Ilinca's father) who is almost two meters tall.


Some trees are so big that I couldn't even frame the photo and I chose to show only a part of it, that part with the roots that look like an elephant's foot. That's how it seems to me ...


However, for me Ilinca is the main character of the story. I don't know what she thought when she saw those tall trees but she took the situation as such and considered that there is room for everyone in this world as long as she can play with the ball.


Leaving Ilinca with her ball, I must admit that I love this park and especially the large open spaces, bordered by trees and which highlight the lonely trees. We made this visit yesterday, Monday, when the museum is closed and there are very few people in the park. At the end of the week, however, these clearings are full of people coming for a picnic.




When I look at the beautiful Palace, I can't help but have a shadow of sadness and not think about our fate as people and the fact that we are transient in this world. Our speed is much higher than that of trees.


All those who built and lived in this Palace are long gone and the trees are still standing! The proof is the family grave, built in this garden and guarded by the trees they planted. These trees still have a long time to live ...


Curious how this place makes me philosophize about life. The life of people and the life of trees ... Regarding the trees, before leaving I saw this image which shows that the life of trees is limited (not that I would not have known!), But it seemed very suggestive.


Because we humans have become the masters of this world and all other species and living things are at our will. We can decide how long their life will be. Something that can delight us but is not good at all, because there have been huge abuses that will cost us a lot. Climate change is a result of this often misused human power.

For #TreeTuesday by @old-guy-photos


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