Sunset (almost)

I got some backlog of editing. i kinda don't like when i can't get to editing photos and week pass before i get to them. But i had some photo work so priorities :)


I was photographing an 18 birthday party and before it we thought to go out and get some photos. Maybe even some sunset portraits. From the looks of the sky it was not going to happen. I start playing a bit with Luminar AI. From what i got in the short time i used it i don't yet like it as a main tool for photo editing. It is hard on my PC. But what it is good at is sky replacement. Most of the time it does a really good job. And with playing with options you can get a good result.
But it ends up adding another program to my editing, so it is not speeding up the process :)


Here is the unedited photo, taken RAW and just imported to Lightroom.

original RAWedit

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