Traditional English Bulldog Puppy Photoshoot

How does time fly by so fast!

I have been working hard raising a couple of litters recently, and it is like being in a bubble. The outside world doesn’t exist and time passes by in the blink of an eye.

I did have a recent escape into the world of another bulldog breeder recently though, as she asked if we would do a photoshoot for her litter.

It was lovely to be able to see another stunningly beautiful and healthy traditional bulldog litter being raised in the correct way. Good breeders are unfortunately few and far between, but these little stunners spoke for themselves!

Here are the photos from the day. I hope you enjoy them!

My latest s litter is currently 6 weeks old and I am hoping to find time to do a photoshoot with them before they leave. Of course, I will show them to you guys if I do 😊

But until the, have fun!

Much love, cheryl and the bulldogs xx

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