The men, the glaciers and the climate changes

Again a post about Rosa mount, Aosta valley side.
I like to emphasize the smallness of men inside the glacier and high mountain landscapes.
First pic is the rock under which Gnifetti refugee has been built.


Here Gnifetti refugee at more than 3600 meters high:


Here the glacier between Mantova refugee and Gnifetti refugee. In twenty years, glacier level has dropped between I think 50 meters, in twenty years landscape has totally changed.
See also the grey surface: ice is exposed directly to sunrays, there is no snow, and pictures has taken in june, not in august!
On some smaller glacier there were many rivers crossing the surface... It is an agony...


Here the queue under colle del Lys.
This trip is alpinistic but relatively easy, anyway the days were so hot that also the simplest way becomed very dangerous in the afternoon, when snow is melting: the probability to fall in some crevasses was very high.



Pictures taken with Sony Alpha 7iii.
19/20 june 2022.

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