Masherbrum - Queen of Peaks

Today I will show another amazing mountain I have seen during my trekking on Baltoro, Karakorum region, northern Pakistan.

Masherbrum is the 22nd highest mountain in the world (7821 meters high). 'Brum' means mountain in Balti language, but the meaning of 'Masher' is confused, one of the possible meaning is "Queen of Peaks".

I was in the tent, early in the morning. One friend of mine, outside the tent, has said 'oh, watch how beautiful!', so I have taken my camera running out from the tent and starting to shoot, watching the first red sunrays on the summit.

This mountain is very hard to climb. Someone has said it is like Cerro Torre (Patagonia) over Eiger, so very high and very difficult also for the best climbers in the world.

Picture taken with Nikon D800.
August 2022.

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