Magic wood

Lago Santo Parmense, Appennino emiliano, Italy.

Mountains between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna regions are not so impressive like Alps, but they fascinating me a lot. The beauty here is hidden, not so showy like Alps summits, but more intimistic.
There are many special places here, not so known, one of them is Lago Santo Parmense'. If you wait the right moment and you are lucky, there are some special effect (specially with fog), I have seen only here.
I have waited a lot to take the first picture, in the cold, and finally the evening fog from the faraway sea has met last sunrays on sunset, creating such amazing view.
I like also trees, and in the last picture the tree roots seemed to be the fingers of a human hand, and I feel a real connect with natural world.
Life has many different shapes and we are really a part of nature, we should never forget it.






Pics taken with Nikon D800 camera, spring 2017.

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