Fog and landscape on Strahlhorn mountain

Another post about the beautiful Strahlhorn mountain, in Switzerland.

We woke up at 3:20 in the night, and we left the refugee about an hour later, with the sky on the bag.
Outside it was snowing (at 3000 meters high it is common also in late may) and there was a thick fog.
We followed some people when first light of day was coming, and path was a little difficult to find: we passed through a bit complicated (but easy) moraine, through snow and some rocks.
Beyond 3200 meters high, fog started to fade, and the landscape appeared in all its beauty! Fog was only in the valley, and the forecast for the day was very good!
In following post the landscape near Adler pass, under Strahlhorn summit.


Lost in fog:



Fog started to fade:



Pictures taken with Sony Alpha 7iii camera.

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