Bringing back the Community Photography Contest - Female Portraits Theme


Photo by @derangedvisions

Female Portraits

In honor of Mother's Day today, we want to have the theme for this week be female portraits. Women do so much for humanity, so it is awesome to be able to honor them. So grab your cameras and get some shots of the amazing women from around the globe.


Photo by @crazy-andy


There are some new changes to how the contest will run within the community here. I have decided to get away from having a set reward structure for each contest and have decided that we will be giving beneficiary rewards from the winners announcement posts for the top three entries in each tier. So each week, we will showcase the top three from the Professional Tier and the top three from the Amateur Tier and they will each receive a different percentage of beneficiary rewards from that post.

We will be submitting all of the great entries for curation as well, so even if you do not make it into the top three for your tier, there is still a pretty good chance for getting some sweet rewards. Just keep in mind that not all entries will get curated, so make sure to put in some effort for a better chance of curation. We normally do not curate single image posts, but we will make exceptions for entries that are of very high quality.

Like always, plagiarism WILL NOT be tolerated and will cause you to be muted and flagged. There is no place for plagiarism here in this community and we will deal with it accordingly. It is not worth ruining your reputation here on the blockchain.

Rules for the contest

  1. NO PLAGIARISM! Can't stress this one enough...
  2. Create a post for the contest. Your post MUST state that it is an entry for this contest and must link back to the contest. If you are just dropping posts here as entries and they do not specifically say they are for this contest, they will be ignored.
  3. Share your post in the comment section of this post, along with one of your photos.
  4. You have 6 days from the announcement to make your entry. On the 6th day, the entries will be judged and winners will be announced, so make sure to get your entry in before time runs out.
  5. Your post must be submitted to the Photography Lovers Community. If it is posted to any other community, it will be ignored.

How is the Photography Lovers Contest set up?

The contest is broken up into 2 different tiers, Professional and Amateur. When you make your post and share it here in the comment section, make sure to state the tier you are competing in. That way you will be competing with others of similar skill levels.

1st15% Beneficiary10% Beneficiary
2nd10% Beneficiary8% Beneficiary
3rd8% Beneficiary5% Beneficiary

There will be a new theme announced each week and the themes are going to be a bit different than the traditional themes. The goal of the themes are to challenge your skill as a photographer and force you to think outside the box to get some really interesting photos.

Additional Notes

  • Only one submission per contest. Extra submissions will be ignored.

  • You can switch your tier ONE time per month, but only if you are moving up into a higher tier, for example if you are currently in the amateur tier, but you think that you have a photograph that you want to enter in the professional tier, you can state that you are changing your tier to professional. You will then be locked into the new tier for the remainder of the month. You are not able to move down to a lower tier, like going from amateur to the beginner tier.

  • If you do not state which tier you want to be judged in for the month, I will leave a comment to remind you to do so, but if you don't respond, you will be assigned to a tier and locked in for that month.

  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any form. All submissions must be your own work. We will investigate every entry and if you are caught plagiarizing, you will be blacklisted from competing in future competitions and blacklisted in the community.

Thank you!

Thank you for being a part of the Photography Lovers Community here on Hive. We are looking forward to seeing your entry for this contest.