Beauti of Cotton flowers and nature photography.

Hello everyone how are you guys? Hope you all are well and healthy. Friends, this is my second post on photography. I went to the field on Sunday 1st October and took some pictures of the cotton plants in my field as well as some nature pictures which I am sharing with you. You can see the flowers of cotton plants in the picture, they look very beautiful. When they bloom, they are white in color, then after 10-15 days their color changes to pink and after turning pink, the flowers fall and are replaced by fruits, which grow like fruits. And after a few days it bursts and cotton comes out from it.

Right now in my field the cotton plants are about to cross the first stage of flowering, you can see that some of the flowers are pink in color and some have even started bearing fruits.

There is also a mango tree in my farm, you can see it in the picture, last year there were two, but in the flood that came a few months ago, one mango tree fell. The mangoes from the mango tree that fell were very tasty and sweet. The mango trees that are still left are also tasty.

My father was saying that in the next rainy season, he will plant two more mango trees. If those trees are planted then I will definitely share them with you. And now the mango tree bears fruits in summer. I will also share with you how those fruits are.

I hope that you all liked the pictures of cotton plants and some nature that I shared with you.

I would like to thank everyone who came to my blog and read till the end and supported me and encouraged me. 🙏🙏🙏❤

All text and photographs are my own unless otherwise I stated.

My Photo Click Device : Poco M4 Pro

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