Photography Contest - Themed Landscapes

Today I decided for the first time to participate in the competition of photography lovers. New theme - landscapes. To do this, I selected several photos from my archive, which, I think, will be interesting for the community to consider. Of course, the best time for landscapes is summer, when the sun and beauty are around. But autumn also shows us landscapes with its bright colors just as well. My work is amateur, so are the photos of the level - amateur. So, photos related to landscapes...




We have such winters in Russia in the South Urals. A lot of snow and frost. The forest always drowns in snowdrifts. But the beauty is such that you seem to find yourself in a fairy tale. We have a long winter - more than six months. Then Spring comes.




In addition, we also have steppes and mountains here. In the spring, all this is still covered with forest greenery. Extraordinary beauty. We live in the region where the mountains end and the Great Steppe begins in front. Such a flat surface to the very horizon.




The forest in our area is mixed. There are birch groves and a pine forest. There are many firs and various bushes. In some places the forest is dense, and sometimes there is sparse forest with small trees. Often the plain changes from hills to mountains.




And also here we have many rivers, lakes and different small streams. Water sports are surfing and are no worse than the sea. Only the waves, of course, are much smaller. People sunbathe on sand dunes near lakes and rivers. Such nature. The beauty.




In summer, as elsewhere, nature is beautiful in sunny weather and when it rains. We always have beautiful sunsets and sunrises. All these landscapes delight with their beauty both photographers to capture the moment, and artists who paint their paintings.




By the end of summer, the grass in the steppe under the sun burns out and becomes like straw, yellow and brown. Only near the rivers, green grass and flowers remain for some time, which beautifully complements the landscape. This concludes my photo essay about how we have a landscape in the South Urals. The nature is varied - in the summer you can go to the steppe for berries or to the forest for mushrooms. Either go to the lake or river for fishing, or just go to the mountains and see the beauty there. So, our nature is good in summer and winter, autumn and spring. You only need to find time to see the beauty of nature and various landscapes.


  • original photo;
  • first publication;
  • camera Sony 16.2
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