Meet Olayinka one of Nigeria's creative.


Hello Hivers, My name is Animashaun Olayinka from Lagos,Nigeria.I originate from the Yoruba part of Nigeria,Ogun state, Abeokuta. I am the second out of five guys.

I am much of an ambivert (introvert and extrovert) though, I love to explore and one of the most interesting stuff about me is that I am a creative artist, I draw, paint and sculpt for a living.

How I got here?

I would love to thank @starstrings01 for believing in my potentials and dedicating his time to invite and put me through how things are done in this great platform @hive . Among many,he made me believe I am going to meet a lot of wonderful people and that I look forward to..

I know you all must be wondering why i am here and what I have to bring to the table. Well... I'll be answering few of many below.


1. I Am a creative Artist: As a creative artist,i intend bringing sketches of my everyday life here backed up with stories on what was my inspiration towards it.That i believe you will all enjoy yeah? 😁

2. I write fictional stories: I believe there is nothing more creative and interest as being able to make stories from oblivion. Just so you know..I use to make comic stories as a kid,as I grow older I observed I still have it in me but despite the fact that I'm off the comic line (you know.. attending life drawing classes and getting to draw realistically) I will still try and indulge myself in writing fictional stories to spice things up.

3. Interacting and getting to meet new people: One vital reason why i am here is to interact,engage posts, try to connect with people and also contribute to anything to make @hive a great platform for the likes of myself and others.

4. Good Sense of Humor: In the journey of engaging in posts and making creative write ups,I believe I am gonna be a comic relief to others because I am also here to feed you all with lot of laughter to laugh about. Oh yeah! The world is filled with a lot of depressed people and I believe laughter is one of the best medication for that.

Samples of my works?

Below are samples of my works with short descriptions,So relax,grab a popcorn and enjoy the view..😉

IMG_202101_445.jpgA spontaneous biro sketch i made for a friend. I was captivated by the expression.
hyperrealistic_pencil_work.jpgA self portrait i made with graphite and charcoal pencil on paper 14by18inches in size.
IMG_20210215_103639_450.jpgA commissioned portrait painting i made for a client. 20by24inch in size,oil on Canvas.
IMG_20210920_175700-01.jpegA painting of Kevin Hart using palette knife.Oil on Canvas. 36by48 in size. In as much as i seldom draw celebrities Kevin's expression is one thing i find very captivating and expressive, for me I'll take that expression as his trade mark.

I think i have to stop right there,I believe we still have a lot to enjoy on future post.

As a creative artist have i ever face any challenges?


Yes, I have faced alot of challenges as an artist and one of them is being in a staid and mundane community that partially appreciate art as it is..or any form of creativity.

Getting access to the right materials for my works is another major challenge as we all know little beginnings are not always rossy,so finance and scarcity of art materials in my community is a very big vibe killer for me.
As an artist i have always love to draw from life (figure drawings especially) so i find hiring a model as part of my challenges.
A space of my own? I don't have a space of my own yet so i am much of a "work from home artist" for now.
IMG_20210908_123348-01.jpeg A picture of me working on Kevin Hart's portrait

Most times I get my clients online and that has been going smooth for me. But you know as a human being i have this insatiable feeling,and thanks to that because it has always help me to be a better version of myself everyday. Getting a space of my own would be a dream come true for me as it would be much easier and comfortable to exhibit my works and produce more larger works.

My Marital Status?

I am single. I had my last relationship last three years ago. Ever since then I have been working more on achieving my goals.I believe i will attract the best when I become the best version of myself.

What are my hobbies?

Uhmmm...I love swimming across river Nile, catching a bullet with my bare hands,doing a thousand back flips on broken bottles..Just so you know I have once trekked from Nigeria to USA just to charge my phone and..common! I'm just kidding,who would even believe that,lol.😂

I love drawing,at times singing, swimming, traveling (tho the farthest place i ever travelled to is from my room to the sitting room..hahaha just kidding) i love to explore the world.

Well..I believe I have been able to introduce myself well and i hope you all welcome me with warm hands so I can afford to lodge in one of this luxurious rooms. 😊 Thanks you.

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