How Photo Background Makes Me Feel Better


The Story Behind The My Food Food Photos
There Is A Different Energy Every Day and It Makes Me Better

Work is therapy. Starting from things related to sight, or hearing. Learning to photograph food is a blessing for me.

My mess-up thoughts, worrying too much about things, can slowly reduce when I do something. Sometimes writing still creates a lot of worry for me, so at least by spending time on shooting things to make me feel better.

Starting from the work desk

There are times when I just don't get excited at all about creating new recipes and having food photoshoots. But life goes on and I have to earn something to make money for my mother and myself. So, I have to behave as a professional.

I started cooking and it was no problem. Every day there are always new things that can be used as new recipes. But a small problem that can become a big one is how I have to build the mood for a food photo session.

Then, the photo background seems to help me feel better. When I started experimenting with shooting to get the right angle for my food, starting from there I was full of enthusiasm. I don't know what happened, I also can't explain it scientifically. It may just be my creative process which will be very different from the average person.


Each photo background brings its own mood and tone. Some bring bad colors to certain foods. On the other hand, some bring brighter colors and are better at foods that seem ordinary.

It got me excited to create the right food composition and then shoot.

I have felt different when I didn't use a photo background before. In the past, I only made use of the flowers and grass in the garden to make my food photos better. But I don't feel excited when I use a photo background like now.

After I used the photo background, I came to believe that every food deserves its own stage. Of course, with the right photo background selection.



I have a total of 5 photo background colors. At the moment I do choose randomly, but with several considerations.

Photo background with red color.


Photo backgrounds that are red are more difficult to blend in with many types of food. So I rarely use it.

Below is a photo with a red photo background which in my opinion doesn't work well.


Tapioca Dessert Bars With Ice Cream

There is also a food photo using this photo background that makes me happy and it works well.


Rice Cakes with Coconut Milk Sauce Served With Some Of the Indonesian Traditional Dishes.

Photo background with bluish-green color

For photo background with bluish-green color creates a lot of positive energy for me and brings great results.

The funny thing is, at first I wasn't interested in using this photo background. Before that, I was my favorite for a photo background with a marble pattern in a soft, pink color.

After trying out several shoots, I was amazed. Here are some food photoshoots using this photo background.

Photo background with a soft pink marble pattern

For this photo background with a soft pink marble pattern, it produces a lighter and cleaner tone. The lesson I learned from using this photo background is that I have to use this color photo background for shooting food at night if it really can't be postponed.

It provides better light and stunning photo results.


Boiled Bananas for a snack at night and take pictures on the spot. It was a timely decision to use this photo background. Seen to help shoot at night.


Wild Ginseng Soup with Tofu Recipe

For daytime results, I have Sweet Potato Toast that makes hearts melt and I love the blend of tones this photo background brings.


What do you think?

Photo backgrounds with golden gray marble motif

For photo backgrounds with marble motifs that are golden gray, I rarely use them. I feel like it brings out the usual mood and tone, nothing special.

Here is a photo that I produced with this photo background. Not the best one.


Savory Sweet Potato Toast, With Stir-fried Eggplant, Tempeh, and Green Beans.

Photo background with a cement motif


The last photo background that I will discuss is a photo background with a cement motif. The tone is a bit dark but brings a good mood for some of the food or product photos I do.

Here are some food photos that I created with this photo background.


Roasted Bread in Hot Coconut Milk Sauce With Brown Sugar


Carrot and Coconut Milk Jelly Pudding Recipe.

That was my story with my photo background that made me feel better. They bring own passion for me when I do food photoshoots.

Thank you for reading my blog and reblog if you want my blog this time worthy of reading by others.


All pictures were taken with iPhone 11.

Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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