Beautiful houses built in valleys

Beautiful views and beautiful mountains and beautiful valleys and beautiful lakes are all to be seen when one goes on a long trip to visit the city and have the intention of traveling for months, then one gets to see beautiful views. And it is best to forget about the world and get lost in these valleys. One month of the whole year should be seen in beautiful places. We see people

The wooden houses built in the beautiful valleys looked so beautiful it seemed like I was in heaven and seeing the beauty I found these mountain valleys and the houses built in them very lovely

If we talk about Azad Kashmir, then the areas there are among the most beautiful areas of Pakistan and as one goes further, one gets to see more and more beautiful views. The houses built in India look beautiful, if they are finished further, more cold areas and snowy areas will come.

I was not sure whether I was in Pakistan or a foreign country because I had never seen such a sign before. The trip to these areas was a great gift for me. My friends had seen these areas and they went ahead. were moving towards and intending to go to the beauty spots

Crops were also cultivated in these beautiful areas for the needs of daily life and here the crops are very good in the cold areas and the natural herbs are also very special here and some people get herbs from the mountains here. They produce medicines that bring health to patients

I am very happy to tell them that I am visiting them in beautiful places and I am accompanied by my friends who have come here for sightseeing. were staying here because we wanted to see the beauty of these areas carefully, so we had to stay here for three days.

After having breakfast early in the morning we would leave our room and see the beauty of this area all day, looking at the mountains and looking at the valleys, because we had planned to get such opportunities very rarely in life and enjoy this opportunity. Don't let it get out of hand

We were staying in this room, it was made of wood and the rent for a day was three thousand rupees and we were five people living together here and it was very fun. were where we used to rest

Big vehicles are successful in these areas, it is very difficult for small vehicles to move here. Four-by-four vehicles can move in the mountains, so we had planned to stop our vehicles behind and go to other vehicles ahead of this area. The drivers know all the places and they were showing us beautiful areas

I will miss such areas when I leave here because I will miss these paradise areas very much

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