Nature And Me

The forest calls me,
The trees are calling me home,
My energy raises ,
My heart spirals towards the sun.


When I am in nature, I feel free. The forest does indeed call to me, the mountains too. I have this deep longing to just go deeper within, to go to the wild and just be.

The most profound healing I have experienced, has been in nature, by nature.

It is where I feel most at home. Where I can let down my guard and be me. Put my feet on the earth and let everything else melt away.

I embrace and celebrate the seasons. The wonderful opportunity they give me, to reflect, to dream, to manifest and to create. To connect. The opportunity to celebrate life itself. I could not imagine a life without that connection, it is where I go to recharge. To just let go.


I live surrounded by nature, nestled in the mountains. Awakening each day, to the wonderful sight of them. I live in a home, that allows me to still feel and experience the elements.

To hear the rain fall above me, to feel the wind as it rocks us backwards and forwards. To hear the night come alive, with the sound of insects and wonderful creatures.

When it is hot outside, I feel the heat and when it is cold, I feel that too. My body thanks me for it, and for putting my hands in the soil, becoming a part of the natural cycle of things.


Nature, to me, is life.

It is where I look, to understand how best to feed the soil, that feeds me. It is one of my greatest teachers and my greatest medicine.

The wild herbs and mushrooms that heal us, that enable our bodies, to heal themselves. The Trees that soothe us.

That have soothed me for as long as I can remember. The branches so inviting, that I climbed upon, where I sat and stilled my mind. Where I felt safe and protected.


Lets go back to the beginning,
eyes closed
so many shapes collide.
the earth that molded me into being
has now brought me forth,
dropping me deeper into my form.
Branches reach out above me
keeps the many at bay,
over and beyond
searching for all that ignites,
all that holds our existence and propels us
to free fall, into each day.
Warm winds caress the landscape, the many worlds we hold within,
visions of endearment,
call forth,
as we gather
To Begin!
Shadows, dance upon the wooden charms
that whisper sweet nothings,
into the ears of those who try so hard
to evoke and bewitch the dryad.
AM I Not The Whole Of Yesterday?
The endless cycle that creates anew each day.
I bear witness
to those who lay beneath the fallen stars
with fists full of hope,
drunken, on the nectar of our souls.
The chase to be empowered
to be as one!
One moment of realization,
One breath to connect!
Eyes now opened
We Are Blinded By What We See!
Our Connection glides so freely within the Trees!

I have so many wonderful spots in nature, places I have visited all over the world. My first time to walk into a rainforest. My first time sleeping in front of a Glacier. The river where I have released my sisters ashes and the remains of my miscarried child.
So many spots that have healed me and empowered me. That have brought me to my knees.

Nature is who I am, it is what I am made up of. Returning to the wild, is always a journey back to me.

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All writing and images are my own.

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