Kiss Prompt Week 106: Embracing Every New Day With Joy 🀩

Since our tomorrows are unknown, why would I even over worry over the things that are yet to come. This is a mind set I have since developed once I came to embrace a lifestyle of a minimalist. A simple life and living style that gives me so much happiness.

We as humans should come to the conclusion of seeing life as a big gift πŸ’, because having life and the breath that comes with it is a miracle. Although heaviness may endure πŸ˜“ for a night but joy cometh in the morning the Bible thought πŸ’­ us, a simple quote we should always reference to when ever we are burdened. Because every new day brings new events, happenings, that may change everything we never envisaged. This might not be easy at all time, because life on its own is a journey infolding events and happenings at every given moment, but we need to try on our own to know that worries does not solve our problems any bit but instead increases it. And this is the need to be happy with ourselves.

Happiness is an emotional feeling that comes from within, which we must develop on our own. Its a beautiful 😻 feeling which when we incorporate or inculcate in ourselves or lifestyle changes our way of living, seeing things, feeling , because it makes our mood light at all time, making and putting our mental state and wellness in order. Its a stress free remedy to our well-being.

Being happy does not cost so much because its a thing that comes from within, a decision we must make on our own through the things we see and feel, the happenings around us and most of all, the lifestyle we have chosen to live. Some believes that money is the only thing that can make them happy, some family, some their business or work, but still many that has all these are not happy.

For me as an individual, embracing every new day with good health is a big happiness for me. When I woke up to a beautiful new day with the sun β˜€οΈ rising , my family in good health, my neighbors in good health, friends and extended ones, I feel so much joy. Being healthy is one important thing that keeps us going. Being healthy make me extend love ❀️ to people I see on every path I cross, because health is everything. If we embrace life with happiness, joy, faith and hope, we will be able to conquer the troubles we see , we will be able to listen to those around us, the people we might meet on our ways that needs help, those we must encourage to also overcome the way we plan to over cone. All these will only manifest if we embrace every new day with happiness and joy.

Although we are humans we will say, but the lifestyle of a minimalist that we have incorporated in our way of living is s big opportunity we have to maneuver some certain problems an ordinary person can not attain . As a minimalist I see things looking so simple,but giving it also time to take its course. We the minimalist have the tendencies to handle things minimally, especially also helping those around us through encouragement and support. This is the believe I have which I keep in action wanting many around me to emulate. And unless many of us believe and see happiness as an inexpensive emotion., they will continue to live a troubled lifestyle. My love for taking life simple has helped me with always being happy, and as I see my family, neighbors, friends and others I cross path with happy too my joy increases for this minimalist lifestyle We should stick to those things that bring happiness to us that cost nothing.

Thanks for reading friends. Sending love ❀️ and blessings πŸ˜‡to you all.

All photos are my original.

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