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I believe everyone has his/her own hobby, for some people it's reading, some it's sleeping, eating, gisting, traveling, listening to music, singing, playing football and so on... I also love doing some of these things but then I'll be sharing just three of my hobbies and safe the rest for another day.

MUSIC: I realized this very early since I was of a very tender age, I love anything that's music related, I could remember joining a choreography group then hmm... it's was fun filled, we do go for outings like birthday parties and weddings. I could also remember that I joined the children choir in my church then as I was growing up, I was also graduating and progressing from children choir to teenagers choir and now to the youth choir am also in the church adult choir, my love for music keeps me going.

I didn't stop there, I also love to play musical instruments so this made me learn some like drums, keyboard and guitar. Though not playing at a professional level but at least am beyond the beginner stage on this three instrument. Despite my love for these instruments I prefer singing to them. I don't easily get tired singing especially with Gospel songs, that's my area of concentration. If I should continue writing about my love for music, I may not stop today lol.

FOOTBALL: Football has also been part of me right from childhood. I could remember when I was still much younger basically my primary school to my junior secondary days. I do receive daily beatings for going out to play football, despite the beatings I still couldn't stop playing... I later got freed from being beaten on a daily when I graduated to senior secondary school, then my mother believed am no longer a small boy. Though the rate at which I play football has reduced now but then I'll continue playing even when I get married and have kids, I'll be so happy to teach my kids how to play. Let me add that I love watching football matches too, am a fan of one of the biggest club in Europe.

BLOGGING AND VLOGGING: I would say this is a skill I discovered lately, before now I am that kind of person that does not like writing not even on paper talkless of blogging. Despite my love for English language back then in school, letter and essay writing class is always boring and sometimes like a punishment for me. But lately on getting to know about Hive, I gradually started developing interest in writing, my love for music also made me subscribe to vlogging, now I can't do two days without blogging or vlogging, I would always have this feeling that something is missing. Now blogging and vlogging is gradually becoming a daily routine for me, and am so happy doing it.


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