The answer is NO , non-negotiable!!!

You see, the idea of staying in a dirty and disorganized environment, even if I were offered the sum of $20 a day, is like suggesting I wear a casual shirt and jean trouser to a professional interview. It not on the card for me

Now, let's set the scene:


A room that can only be described as the lovechild of a tornado and clutter explosion. Socks doing yoga poses in one corner, textbooks posed in the tune called disorder in another, and a distinct nauseating aroma emanating from an unidentified object hidden beneath a pile of... well, I'll spare you the gory details.

But wait, you say, what if I were handed $20 a day to endure this chaos? Frankly, even the sight of those dollar bills wouldn't deter me from embarking on a cleaning rampage

You see, I have this so called knack for spotting chaos amidst calm, yes I easily detect the faintest traces of disorder. I could probably find a misplaced sock in a blizzard, a skill that has led me to become a legendary lost-and-found guru among my friends. So, the thought of spending even a few minutes in an environment that looks like a hurricane's/tornados playground is blatantly impossible.

Picture me, armed with a mop and a determined expression, ready to wage war against dust and misplaced items. As I survey the battlefield, I can't help but envision a clutter-free environment where everything has its rightful place, and the air smells of victory (and a hint of lemon-scented cleaning spray). There's always a certain satisfaction in transforming chaos into order, a satisfaction that not even a mountain of cash could replicate.


And let's not forget the psychological toll that a messy environment takes. It's as if clutter and disarray launch a silent assault on my peace of mind, creating a state of stress and anxiety that can only be silenced by the soothing hum of a vacuum cleaner. So, my friends, I gladly reject the $20 a day—I'll take the tranquility of a well-organized space over chaos-induced cash any day.

Now, some might argue that I'm being a bit extreme, that a messy room here and there won't hurt. But I say, life is too short to waste precious moments navigating through a maze of misplaced belongings. And while my determination to maintain a tidy space might raise a few eyebrows, it's definitely brings me joy and a sense of calm.


I would rather go forth and conquer my own battles against disorder, because cleanliness isn't just a chore; it's a way of life. And while $20 a day may seem like a tempting offer, I'll happily pass it up for the satisfaction of a clutter-free existence.

Thank you, and may your environments always be organized and your socks forever paired.

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