Resetting My Energy And Self-Care

I constantly give myself permission to unearth and reignite the dormant creativity in my soul.

Self-care may help me restore my energy, and I genuinely feel it is essential since it inspires me to live a great life.

The following are a few practices that help me refuel and develop self-care habits:

Applying Makeup To My Face

Sometimes all the therapy I need to function and feel alive again on the inside is some basic makeup.

It is something that makes me happy and at ease with myself. Others may view it as meaningless, but for me, it is the kind of break I require to process negative thoughts and transform them into something lovely.

When I was little, I enjoyed tampering with and applying my aunt's makeup to my small face. Since that time, one of my hobbies has been using makeup on both other people's faces and my own.

Treating Myself

I treat myself when I deserve it. I eat the foods I want. Every time I eat one of my comfort foods, I feel rejuvenated. I visited a salon to get my hair straightened or cut when I felt exhausted and had my nails painted and cleaned.

Even if it only lasts a little while, it makes me feel more relaxed. Going to malls also makes me feel lighter inside, even if I do not buy everything I want because I always put needs before wants.

Having My Younger Self Take Control

In moments of stress, I let my younger self rule me. When we are younger, we are carefree and do not stress out too much. When I was younger, I constantly sought happiness and independence.

I gave myself free time to pursue my interests, like surfing the net, writing blogs, and watching movies and television shows. Make me happy by doing worthwhile things and more, and it makes me feel better and temporarily forget about being a grownup.

I have always thought that my younger self still exists. Even if I live for over three decades, I will still have it without realizing it.

I matured, yet a part of me will always remain. They still occupy a corner but no longer exert the same dominance as my present self.

Because they entertain my younger self, I enjoy watching foreign films, Filipino television programs, and Korean dramas, especially those that feature love stories. I do watch other movies, but because I did not have a happy childhood, it appears that by viewing dramas with a focus on education, youth, and romance, I am attempting to make up for it.

When I watch my favorite series, I try to picture how I would feel if I were the one experiencing them. Even though I continued to perform the same daily tasks, I felt relaxed.

I am not pressuring myself. Pressure is the most significant source of stress for anyone.

Anyone under pressure must work twice as hard to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves. I firmly believe that when someone is forced at all times to do something, they will never like it and may not have the time to care for themselves.

I do not put too much pressure on myself when considering the future.

I meant to accomplish something to my satisfaction. I can achieve my goals without too much stress as long as I continue to grow humbly.

While pressure helps me to be more productive, it is not good when it becomes too much for me to handle. I have thought of life as a race, and that race is won timely by steadiness and pace.

Listening To Ballad Music

My soul will be soothed or calmed by music, which can also aid in my relaxation. The lyrics and beat are great. I always listen to calm songs when I am anxious or worried. I also find that when I meditate, it helps me get more substantial.

Additionally, I watch several television shows and movies and listen to the official soundtracks, especially the ones that catch me. It makes me feel uplifted and motivated.

Spending Time Outside

I wish to connect with tranquil locations, wildlife, and beaches.

Spending time outside was something my family, friends, and I planned, and I am hoping it happens next month. We have plans to check into a hotel, go to a specific tourist attraction, watch the sunset, go swimming, go out at night, and do anything else we can do to stay connected to the outside world. This one was crucial, and we are hoping it materializes.

Perhaps self-care does not have to cost a lot of money. It may be entertaining and instructive. It can foster relationships and benefit more entirely with our family and friends more than simply our own.

And I write a vital daily message that says, "Dear Self, Please Take Care of Yourself!"

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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