Flying Off Into The Blue Yonder

Since I was young, I have wondered about the unknown in the past, the mysteries at present, and the distant future. Perhaps it is a matter of adventure to me with the possibilities of the Earth and exploring beyond what is presently known and understood.

My mind is wandering and wandering. It even thinks about extraterrestrial intervention, but no one can prove it.

And one thing is for sure; there is more to explore about the Earth, and space exploration is a complex process.

As a dedicated teacher with a passion for education and a specialization in Science, I am passionate about working with STEM students who could be scientists, engineers, and innovators of the future generation.

I am interested in teaching them facts about space and the world. And that it is through exposing them to scientific facts that they could learn best.

There was one time when we joined a competition in the On-the-Spot Science Competition. It is an on-the-spot contest where the students would propose and develop the scientific principles and techniques applicable to the given issue, and it was about proposing a scientific project that could help sustain the Earth.

My students were very much interested in innovating a technology related to Space exploration. I was the coach and I brought 3 students to represent our school, and we were so lucky enough to win first place in the Division-wide competition.

I then realized that it is not only me who is passionate about learning more about a complex space but as well as them.

Indeed, it is through inspiration that anything can lead to technological advancements that may include the development of new technology and the discovery of new scientific knowledge that justifies space and the world.

Consequently, I firmly believe that space exploration could inspire the future, especially young minds to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, knowing that it has contributed so much to the advancement of scientific knowledge and improved our ways of living in so many ways.

While there are many pressing problems on the Earth, exploring space had a great role in addressing various issues in the world by providing everyone with the significant ways, tools, and knowledge that are needed and it is justified.

I am more of the positive results than the negative ones.

Just like the discoveries and innovations about the valuable technologies that are a product of space exploration, including the Global Positioning System or the GPS that helped us the accurate location when it comes to transportation, navigation, mapping, and other significant application.

Moreover, regarding communication nowadays, space exploration greatly impacted the world. It even becomes more convenient to all of us, even from thousands of miles apart, not to mention satellite communication and robotics.

I could not imagine how the world is without the use of communication satellites not only as a form of communication but as well as broadcasting in television, phone communication, and internet access, most especially in disaster response situations.

At present, powerful people may have been so passionate about the exciting future of space exploration. Perhaps I am more thrilled about the greater possibilities and what-ifs.

What if there are traces of life on other planets? What if there was an extraterrestrial intervention? What if I can explore a tourist attraction in space? These are like dreams to me but I always wish to explore and travel to space.

As for me, it is a matter of focusing on what I believe in, as it can help me better understand how the Earth works. Through unlocking discoveries and technologies, I greatly believe that we could all fly off the blue yonder literally and figuratively.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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