Finding Contentment In Simplicity!

When the pandemic began, I met celebrities in my country through a social entertainment app in the Philippines in 2020.

Although they were famous, I did not feel sarcasm and negative behaviors from them, but it was just the good vibes and humility that remained. And I am sure that despite the fame and wealth, it did not hinder them from maintaining a minimalist lifestyle.

But what if life brings me to becoming famous and acquiring celebrity status?

Then my quick response would be as simple as I would always find contentment in simplicity, just like the least noticed species in the wilderness but valuable things in life.

If I were to become famous with celebrity status and be the only member of my family with such acquired wealth, I would always prioritize maintaining a minimalist lifestyle. And that it is a matter of prioritizing what truly matters with my commitment to being a minimalist as I embrace experiences over material possessions.

Sometimes in my wildest dreams, I have those what-ifs in a world of fame and wealth. But one thing is for sure, humility is vital.

Similarly, I would be as humble as my celebrity friends by staying grounded and thankful at all times while still being a minimalist in everything.

Perhaps becoming famous and acquiring celebrity status also means power and luxury. But I firmly believe that it is essential to recognize that fame and wealth do not define my lifestyle.

There are more things in the world to explore, and what matters most to me are good values and still maintaining a minimalist lifestyle, even if I would have children of my own.

I would have children, and I would love to instill the values of minimalism in them by leading by example.

In reality, what the children see is easier to follow and emulate. I believe it is only through the best experiences that they will learn the most.

Hence as a parent, my actions would significantly impact my children’s mindset and behavior. And that I would make them feel that less is still more by valuing every simple thing in life.

It may be crucial, but as an educator, I always believe that being a role model to children would play a significant role in fostering good values, so I would hit my goal of living a simple lifestyle.

I would also teach my children about financial literacy, which is not taught in schools here in my country as well as being a responsible citizen through living with the importance of giving back.

Most importantly, I would love to teach my kids the essence of humility and appreciation for the little things in life.

I love to share with my children the good values I have experienced from my celebrity friends. They were famous and luxurious, but they always chose to live a simple lifestyle.

I must say that my celebrity friends have led an excellent example to me. We may have shared many moments in a different world, but I never felt far from them. Those days were when I was not yet involved in the blogging world but had to meet virtual friends online every day and make the most of the moment.

It was so timely to create a special bond with them every time, not to mention that we seemed to become very close even if we had not seen each other in person and only talked in the app and hung out there every night. And we all have connections in different social media platforms, even now.

Perhaps they were living proof that maintaining a minimalist lifestyle even in the face of fame and wealth is connected to the prioritization of what truly matters in life, and it is possible to maintain a minimalist lifestyle even amid celebrity status and acquired wealth.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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