Emotional Baggage.

Somehow, we all carry an invisible weight mentally or psychologically and it weighs us down physically.
Emotional Baggage are those negative feelings we go through due to past experiences.


Earlier this year, I figured I lacked self worth, I had serious doubts about myself. I realized I've let myself believe I wasn't good enough, I wasn't worth good things or people and I had lived that way for as long as I could remember. I had no specific life goal, I had less than three friends that sincerely cared, I had bad relationships and none of them had gotten up to a year and half, I met toxic people and blamed myself for their toxicity, heck! I even let them blame me for their misconducts. I thought, "maybe good things weren't meant for me, maybe I wasn't destined to meet many good people or maybe, just maybe, I'm the bad person".



After realizing all the crazy I've accused myself of, all the blames I've apportioned to myself that weighed me down, I cried. Yes, I cried, I don't know if this happens to you but crying takes off a certain amount of pain. Not the loud type of crying and wailing to get attention, No!
The kind that comes from the heart and mind, the kind you do in your closet or alone at night, soaking up your pillow.
I went into the bathroom, put on the shower, played songs from beautiful artists (slow and thought provoking but happy songs) and I let the water pour from my head, I also let the tears flow and I danced in the bathroom like I won a Nobel prize, after that, I took a long walk soaking in the beauties of nature.
Since then, I don't feel worthless and if I don't feel worthless, no one can convince me otherwise. I boldly declared to myself everytime that I AM WORTH EVERY LOVE, EVERY HAPPINESS , EVERY LAUGH AND EVERYTHING GOOD, I AM AMAZING AND I DESERVE ONLY THE BEST!
Although I tell myself I've completely healed, I know I'm still in the process and healing is in stages.
This is my entry to the #kiss blog, you can find it here Emotional Baggage
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