The beauty of nature and its awareness


The beauty of sitting alone and talking to nature is captivating, I don't know if I happens to be the only that notice that nature speaks well maybe not the kind of talk you are thinking. If we could listen well then we would realized that nature talk back to us, I have seen birds singing and playing together while sitting alone, I have played with different kinds of animals and there are sounds in the forest and sign that shows that nature is talking to us, the calmness of a sea is sign also the wave 🌊 of the sea is also a sign, when birds stop singing it's a sign, when dogs bark it's a sign, mother of nature this one or two signs so we can know that they are listening to us.

Well if nature could talk back the way we want it believe she would weep for alot of people like us because most of us went there and tell nature everything happening in our life, then you will hear it saying, i use to have more of you here anytime they are in trouble i use to listen to people's problem.

We also needs to make peace with nature, I'm sure she have alot to say alot of people have been doing bad to nature lately, putting plastic in the rivers, cutting down all trees with which we know that it's affecting nature.


Some of us doesn't have anywhere to go to the first friend i talk to is nature because she always listen to me , you know life is hard already and there is no how you won't have problem , the feelings of talking to nature and fresh air is also talking back to you, the breeze, the quietness, you hear the birds singing, you hear the water moving. All this are blessing for me.

I don't know if I'm the only one get relieved anytime I talk to the nature, the feelings of knowing that no human listen to your problem neither will they back bite you later, you know the best secret place ever is talking to the nature. You can weep as much as you can, and I'm sure that she's watching you and also there for you.

Well I never regret sharing my secret with nature and my life always get better. In a nutshell nature is aware of everything going on and they are not stagnant.

This is entry for this week context and I hope we like it , welcome to my blog have a nice day.

Note the pictures in this post was taken with my phone

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