Stay true to yourself, Be Happy!

I used to be one of those people who thought my happiness had to come from someone or something, and you know how deflated your emotions can get over and over again while yearning for that outward happiness.

It took me to be totally deflated, let me just use the right word/emotion, I felt depressed, and lost all hope from where I sought happiness. For me to be awakened to the truth that my true happiness comes from within and no one had that power over me except I allowed them, you see it right there, it all belongs and depends on me.

After falling in love with the man of my dreams, so I thought, giving my everything to my fiance, we even had a beautiful baby girl together, it was supposed to be the happiest moment of my life, having the closest person to my heart love and care for me as I would do to him, but he became a shadow of the person I knew, not wanting to go to many details because it's all in the past now.

For you to be happy, you have to be in aware state, know that your happiness depends on you and tou alone, my relationship didn't work out but it gave me a reason to be happy- my daughter, I see some people hate on a child born out of a relationship or marriage that didn't work out, it surprises me on how some human think, the child isn't your doom, rather should be your source of joy, every morning I wake up filled with energy to take on the day as a single mum is due to one very good reason, my daughter, she is my drive to become a better and happy person, hey, she was born out of me, She is the reason I healed fast from the breakup and the more reason I keep pursuing growth because I want her to grow a happy lady and not feel like she needs the world to make her happy because I would teach her that she has all it takes to be happy irrespective of the harsh realities of life, such is life, we appreciate and enjoy the good moments, and when things go the other way, we still have the memories of the good time to see us through until the phase pass.

Simple things like listening to my favourite music make me happy, and yes, it doesn't cost anything, I also love to make my meals, eating healthy gives me a kind of satisfaction I just can't explain, it is a natural mood booster for me, also seeing my friends and family happy keeps me calm and happy as well, the more reason why whenever I'm home with my parents and siblings, they all know the house is going to be filled with bubbling fun and laughter, there is never a dull moment with me.

Everyone was amazed at how quickly I picked myself up after the betrayal by my supposed groom and the short answer I give them is, "Life is too short to stay unhappy" There will always be someone better than the person you think holds your happiness and the first person is yourself, so Stay true to yourself, Be Happy!

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